Your Attractive Heading

It’s time to invest in you.

Every MVP has a coach. When you’re ready to play with the best, hire the best.

Jamie Langskov
Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

Get help finding or accelerating your path.

Don’t “fall into” your career. I will help you identify your ideal future self and together, we will map the course to get you there.

Team Coaching

Get your team rowing in the same direction.

I’ll design a coaching engagement tailored to helping your team identify and build a plan to overcome challenges.

Leadership Coaching

Because you want to show up at your best.

Stepping into leadership can be challenging. I’ll coach you to become an empathetic, adaptable, and impactful leader.

Consulting Services

Equip Your Team to Win.


Reduce time to value and increase customer joy.

Discover opportunities to improve customer outcomes, grow product adoption, and build measurable value.


Empower customers to become champions.

Equip your customers with meaningful resources and programs to incentivize them to champion your brand.


Great products need great communities.

Modern buyers want social proof. Don’t let someone else drive the conversation about your brand.


Cut through inefficiency and optimize costs.

Drive impact for every dollar you spend on operations. Help your team perform with best practices and processes.


A Simple Formula for Success.

Let’s talk.

Where are you today?

We will start with conversations to define your current situation. Together, we’ll identify current obstacles, opportunities, and risks.

Let’s visualize.

Where do you want to be?

During this phase, we’ll work together to develop a clear vision of what your ideal future looks like.

Let’s execute.

How will you get there?

Together, we’ll build a strategic plan and a tactical roadmap to help you achieve your goals.

A catalyst for change

A Champion in Your Corner.

Jamie has built her career over the past 15 years working with, learning from, and coaching the top talent in tech.

Jamie is a PROSCI certified change manager and holds a Master in Business Administration from Washburn University and a Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State University. She is exceptionally talented at identifying and hiring extraordinary individuals and empowering them and their teams to succeed.

She has led high-performance teams in global Fortune 500 enterprises, growth stage organizations, and early-stage startups. She has advised countless founders and leadership teams on topics ranging from community-led growth strategy to organizational structure and interpersonal conflict resolution.

Jamie is a trusted expert in the community and customer experience profession. She has spoken and written extensively about community management, change management, and executive leadership topics, as well as, professional well-being and work-life balance. She is an experienced keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, blog writer, and podcast host.

She is an experienced people manager, known for empowering her people and helping them to achieve their career goals.

I can help you overcome the obstacles holding you back from your full potential.

Client Success

Proof in the Results.

Female CSM and First Time People Manager Steps Into Director Role After 6 Months

Cross-Functional Team Overcomes Conflict to Launch Landmark Advocacy Program

HRIS SaaS Vendor Grows $100 Million ARR and NRR After Restructuring

Data Analytics SaaS Company Grows Adoption Through Enhanced Onboarding

Cybersecurity PaaS Vendor Increases Organic Growth Through Advocacy.

Business people, diversity and meeting in teamwork collaboration, global growth or conference success. Smile, happy woman and corporate men in office training, strategy planning or education workshop.

Event Management SaaS Provider Pivots Amid Market Changes to Find Renewed PMF